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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Saturday, April 11, 2020

JEWISH PROPHECY: The Remnant & When All Of Israel Will Be Saved (Romans 11) - Underground show #128

The Underground show #128 with Joel Richardson - In this episode, Joel unpacks Romans 11, the remnant of Israel and when all of Israel will be saved.

5 Eye Witnesses from Revelation Tell Us WHEN God's Wrath Begins

God has strategically placed 5 eyewitnesses of God's Wrath in the Book of Revelation who tell us when it begins. 1 is prior to His Wrath, 3 on the day it begins and 1 after it has already started. The Church debates when the Wrath of God begins, but God has given us 5 eyewitnesses so as to pinpoint the exact day and hour. Not only do these eye-witnesses tell us when the wrath occurs, but they also indicate who the Archangel might be who descends with Jesus at the Rapture and also how the Gospel is finally preached to the whole world. Watch this Nelson Walters YouTube video to learn all these things.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Who is Gog and Magog (and Why YOU Need to Know)

Why do you need to know who is Gog and Magog? Is it Russia, or Turkey or Europe or the USA. Is Gog a man, a demon or a country? There is so much confusion in the church about this topic. Do we determine ancient prophetic countries by means of the where they were once located or by means of where their people migrated to? These are all big questions. If you are not looking in the right location you might miss what is happening right in front of you.