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Saturday, January 9, 2021

How Soon Will the USA Declare the Bible HATE SPEECH and Shut Down Churches

How soon will the USA shut down our churches? Will they try to declare the Bible hate speech? (Be sure to also watch New World Order ENDGAME: The GREAT RESET Triggered by NEW VIRUS?

Biden's stated campaign promise was to make masks mandatory and to shut down "targeted" businesses, so it goes without saying that he will try to shut down churches this winter. Will they ever reopen? Not if he is able to get the Word of God classified as hate speech. Watch this Nelson Walters Video to see how that might happen and what to do now!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Black Lives Matter and the New Religion - Conversations That Matter

Defunding the police? Ripping down history? Silence is violence? Turning a blind eye to murder, stealing, and vandalism? What makes sense of all this? This isn't merely a political movement. It's a new religion, complete with saints, holy books, rituals, priests, laws, and a salvation plan. Jon takes a look under the hood of the social justice movement to explain its fundamental problems and dangerous solutions.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

First Step to Mark of the Beast | Social Credit Scores - Nelson Walters

Social Credit Scores in the USA. Are they the first step in the Mark of the Beast? In China, facial recognition technology, surveillance cameras, and online surveillance combine to make such scores a force in the totalitarian state. In the USA a similar system is underway in the CFPB, an agency flying under the radar that doesn't have accountability to the President or Congress. In this Nelson Walters YouTube Video, we examine how such a system works and how it can morph into the Mark of the Beast.