Saturday, October 3, 2020

Jesus said He would build His Church - Has anyone ever seen this building?

What is it made out of? How much money did it take to build it? Did they pay cash for it, or did they raise money for it, or did they borrow money to build it? Where is it located – in Jerusalem, or Bethlehem, or Antioch, or Rome?

I challenge you to search the world over and you will never find this Church, that Jesus said He would build, as something constructed, something to be seen in this realm.
Once you see the scope of this, once you discern the spiritual nature of the Ekklesia, and once you touch upon the spiritual Life of the Ekklesia, you will never be satisfied with anything of this earth. Everything pales in comparison to this Church that Jesus is building!
Just listen or download it from this link:

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