Saturday, October 10, 2020

Erdogan: Caliph or Antichrist || Answers from the Bible

Turkey's President Erdogan - Caliph, Antichrist, or just Turkey's ruler? Is the answer found in the Bible? (Also watch Erdogan vs Israel: Is Gog and Magog Alliance Forming Before Our Eyes?

Only the Pope, Trump and Obama are more popular candidates to be Antichrist. Erdogan desires to form a caliphate and assume world wide power. But does the Bible support the formation of a middle eastern empire in the last days? And, if so, what is the fate of its leader? Does he become Antichrist, or does something else happen to him. Watch this Nelson Walters video to discover what the Bible says might happen in the Middle East. Turkey 2023: Satan's Throne FROM Nazi Germany TO Caliphate? Pergamum Prophecy

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