Saturday, August 8, 2020

Jesus Coming on a White Horse is NOT the Second Coming - See What IS!! - Nelson Walters

Jesus coming on a white horse in Revelation 19 is not the Second Coming! The Second Coming is in Matthew 24 and is a completely different event (Also watch Jesus Will Set Foot on Earth BEFORE the Second Coming

This is truly the single most important aspect about end times that almost no one is examining. It might seem crazy. Both returns (on the clouds and on a horse) have Jesus leaving heaven and both happen at the end of their respective accounts. So most assume they are the same event. However this MUST WATCH Nelson Walters video details 10 distinct differences between the two events that prove they CANNOT be the same.


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Critical Theory is Biblical???

I'd have to say, Not so Fast! IMHO, the "Church of Woke" isn't as woke as they "feel" (note: I did NOT say think). Critical Theory and Intersectionality are NOT biblical and those who teach otherwise are preaching "Another Gospel!" I suggest they reread Galatians 1:8 and repent while they have the opportunity.

The Habit of Open-Mindedness: Process Series

In our latest video from our Process series, we talk about how important it is to set aside our assumptions about the world when reading the Bible and instead work to understand what the biblical authors were actually trying to communicate. When we cultivate a habit of open-mindedness when studying the Scriptures, there is endless discovery over a lifetime of reading available to all of us. #BibleProject #BibleVideo #Process

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Everyone Must Know: Moses Gave Prophetic End-Time Warning Revealing Christ’s Return is Near

Is the Return of Jesus Near? Don't miss this must see Prophetic Parallel from Moses' story showing how close our world is to seeing the Second Coming. This is a message all believer should see.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Turkish Caliphate Rising - Joel Richardson - The Underground

Dalton Thomas discusses the biblical, prophetic, and geopolitical implications of the rise of Turkey as a regional power.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Who is Left Behind - the Wicked or Righteous? Evidence You've Never Seen from Hebrew Matthew

Who is left behind at the return of Jesus, the good or bad? Are the wicked left behind? Or are the righteous left behind and the wicked taken to judgment? (Be sure to also watch The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares
Christians have debated this question for generations. Watch this Nelson Walters video for the evidence from the Bible PLUS new evidence from the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew. Who is left behind in the analogies Jesus told like Noah, Lot, and the Parable of the Ten Virgins? What do the Greek words for "taken" and "left" mean? If you like biblical analysis like this video, be sure to subscribe by clicking here

Kept By Grace

“God is able to make all grace abound toward you.”

God will not LEAD you where His grace cannot KEEP you. That is to say, when we undertake the work assigned to us by the Lord we will find the Life of the Lord is present to give us all the inner spiritual strength to see it through to completion.

I am not saying everything will go smoothly and you will never have any self-doubt or fear. Far from it. But listen to what Paul says: “We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed” (2 Corinthians 4:8,9). His secret? “I also labor, striving according to His working which works in me mightily” (Colossians 1:29). Not I, but Christ. This is the secret to the Christian life and it is the key to all fruitful spiritual work.

Source:“The Church in the Wilderness” by Chip Brogden

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Seeing Jesus

“When they had lifted up their eyes,
they saw no one but Jesus only.”

When we SEE an ever-increasing Christ Who is destined to fill all things, then we will be delivered from smallness and narrow-mindedness. We do not overcome a thing by focusing our attention and directing our energies against that THING. “Things” will keep us busy from morning until night, and from night until morning.

May God deliver us from “things” and show us His Son! We must learn to keep the focus of our heart on the Lord Jesus Christ, Who MUST increase. Then there is no room for “things” anymore. They are simply swallowed up in Victory.

Source: "Lord of All" by Chip Brogden|

“Take The Leap of FAITH...” | Vulnerable Message from AoC Network Narrator

Friday, July 31, 2020

What is Idolatry - Truthunedited

The Deeper Christian Life - Chip Brogden

“He who does not take his cross and
follow after Me is not worthy of Me.”

Are you worthy of the Lord Jesus Christ? Hear what the Lord is saying here. “If you do not take up your Cross and follow Me, you do not deserve Me.”

It is not merely a question of are we following Christ. The crux of the matter is: have we taken up the Cross? There is an order to this call to become disciples of Jesus Christ: first, we must take up our Cross; only then may we follow after Him. It is not, “first follow Me, and later take your Cross.” The Cross is step one. Our taking up the Cross is basic to our following Christ, not something we are called to do after many years. The so-called “deeper Christian life” is but the normal Christian life. Anything less is abnormal. There is no greater depth to the Christian life but what God expects of all of us from the beginning. If we are getting any “deeper” it is only because we have hitherto been shallow. We must take our Cross and follow Jesus.

Source: "Embrace the Cross" by Chip Brogden

Radical Repentance - Chip Brogden

“If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe,
how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things?”
JOHN 3:12

The path of progress, of spiritual maturity, hinges upon our willingness to let go of the old ways and embrace the new ways; to rise above the lower order of things and walk in a higher order – a heavenly way, a spiritual way, as opposed to the earthly, natural, carnal way that we are so used to walking. Repentance is a continual process of agreeing with what God shows us about ourselves and then making the necessary adjustments.

The Holy Spirit is intent upon making radical adjustments – to create in us a willingness to look at things differently; an eagerness to begin seeing things as God sees them, regardless of how uncomfortable that may be; to value the things that He values and let go of lesser things; to align ourselves with His Mind and Will for all things; to leave our ground altogether and come onto His ground – regardless of the consequences.

Source: "The Irresistible Kingdom" by Chip Brogden

Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Solution to Racism They Don’t Want You to Know About - Frank Viola

This is part of Frank Viola's Master Class - UNTRACEABLE RICHES: Ephesians in 3D. To get the whole series of messages in this Master Class, go to are get on the wait list. This message first appeared on Frank's landmark podcast, "Christ is All" - which you can check out at (it contains over 120 episodes).

Assembly of the Saints

So when Caesar says you can't go to a church, maybe it means it's time for us to go back to our roots and meet in small groups, in our homes like the early believers did and start being the church! No need to start a fuss. Let's get out of their way and start living "the way."

Love the Bee! Spose2B satire, it ain't!

Biblical Scholarship: Process Series - The Bible Project

A lot of research goes into each of our videos, and in the latest video from our Process series, Tim shares one of the most fascinating aspects of the research─the history of biblical scholarship. For thousands of years, scholars and readers from all over the world have been trying to understand the Bible, and now we get to benefit from generations of illuminating thought and conversation as we too try to make sense of the biblical story. Learn more about this important step in our process from our latest Process video, Biblical Scholarship.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

How to have HOPE IN LIFE when you FEEL HOPELESS

How to have hope in this life when you feel hopeless? How to have hope in God? How to have hope for the future? How to have hope when there is none? If you are asking one of these questions, then this video us for you! 📘 FREE eBOOK & NEWSLETTER 📬

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Sign of the Times

And just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, no doubt he'll be made to go through the fire for it. A sign of the times. . .

Modern Day Pharisees

But then again, why would anyone actually want to do something that might actually help the situation, regardless how small, when "virtue signaling" (publicly declaring one's own righteousness for all to see like the Pharisee in Luke 18:9-14) about it is so much easier and costs absolutely nothing!

Declaration of Making the Most High the Priority

If You Believe We Are in the End Times, This Warning is For you

Temple Mount Control CHANGED - Will the Third Temple be Built?

Temple Mount Control just changed. Who just took power and when will the Third Temple be built? Will this be the deciding factor? (Also see this video: Who Builds the Third Temple & the SHOCKING Reason Why

Friday, July 24, 2020

Bible Prophecy is Unfolding Before our Eyes (Most People Don’t Know This…)

Bible Prophecy shows that what the Bible said would happen, has happened and is happening. See our Bible Prophecy Playlist here: About AoC Network: Those who work with AoC Network are from various Christian traditions. We aim to create content that is biblical, educational, and can be valued by all followers of Christ. Learn More at • Many of our videos feature movies we highly recommend! A Google search using the title and date provided in the ending credits will help with purchasing them.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Remember Lots Wife (WHY?) Could We Miss the Rapture?

Why does Jesus want us to remember Lot's wife? Jesus mentioned only a limited number of Bible characters during his ministry, but he mentioned Lot's wife in relation to the Second Coming. (Watch THE 4 Specific Signs of Jesus Christ Coming || Matthew 24

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Jesus Most Misunderstood Parable (The Vultures) - WHY IT MATTERS

"The Vultures" is Jesus' most misunderstood parable in the bible. And it matters to you because it explains the Second Coming. If we misunderstand this parable, we misunderstand the Second Coming (Watch "THE 4 Specific Signs of Jesus Christ Coming || Matthew 24"

The first reason this is so misunderstood is that the parable doesn't have anything to do with vultures! It's about Eagles. And this has led to most Christians thinking the Parable is about vengeance rather than deliverance. Watch this Nelson Waters YouTube video to find out what its really about.

God is About to do Something We’ve NEVER Seen: The Two Witnesses Are Rising!

Get ready, the Holy Spirit Power of God is preparing us for something incredible in these last days... The Two Witnesses are rising and the Church will have a vital role to play. In this episode, we explore what The Bible says regarding this. God bless!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

What Comes Next 2020? NEW WORLD disORDER's Plan to Take Over

What Comes Next 2020? The New World disOrder has a plan to take over. And that plan seems to be succeeding. After the pandemic, we had rioting in the streets. Is this the beginning of the Birth Pains? The Bible tells us. Watch this Nelson Walters video for answers to these questions.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Should Christians Hide From Persecution - Now or During The Great Tribulation That's Coming?

Should Christians hide from persecution? Either now or during the Great Tribulation that's coming? Given the anti-Christian direction many nations are going, this is a very relevant question. What does the Bible say about whether to flee persecution or stand up to it; and WHEN is it right to flee persecution and how should we do it?

RADICAL CHURCH: Part 1 – Jim Wallace Interviews Frank Viola on “Pagan Christianity”

In this interview, veteran Christian apologist Jim "J. Warner" Wallace (Cold-Case Christianity) interviews Frank Viola on radical ecclesiology.


Part 1

Part 2

Saturday, July 11, 2020

The "Hate Crimes" of Jesus - Doug and Doug

In today's world, Jesus would be guilty of intolerance, bigotry, and narrow - mindedness. He would be hated. In fact, the spirit-filled believers who believe his words and live out his teachings, are told they, too, will be hated, falsely accused, persecuted, and possibly killed for following him.
They killed him then, and kill him now. Our calling as Christians is to preach his words to as many as come across our path and pray for their salvation. If we are treated the way they treated Jesus, we are to count it as joy.
Let's not try to find a way out of this through compromising. Let's finish this race to be pleasing to the Lord.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Is The Return of Jesus Near? It’s Time to talk about this...

What are some of the Signs the Bible says must take place before The Return of Jesus (Second Coming)? Here we explore the Book of Revelation and give a preview of what to expect in Season 4! This should be an interesting episode, comment and share your findings as well... God Bless..

CORONAVIRUS & REVELATION 6: Has The First Seal Been Opened-7 Seals Unfolding Today? Underground #143

Joel unpacks the question of, is the coronavirus one of the seven seals of revelation, has it been opened, and how do we take a humble approach to these questions. #SevenSeals #Revelation #coronavirus

Romans 13 and Government || When Should Christians Disobey?

Romans 13 and government obedience are unpopular topics, especially when the government makes laws and supreme court decisions that are unpopular with Christians. So when should Christians disobey government? Watch this Nelson Walters YouTube Video to see what scripture says about this topic.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Rightly Dividing or Wrongly Dividing Matthew 24?

Are we rightly dividing Matthew 24 or wrongly dividing it - and the rest of the Word of Truth? Do all the Chapters of the Bible apply to Christians or do some only apply to Jews? What does the phrase "rightly dividing" mean biblically? And is there evidence within the Gospel of Matthew that clearly shows whether it is for Christians or Jews? Who are the elect in the Bible? How does the ancient document the Didache help answer this question. Does the inclusion of Judea and Sabbath indicate it is for the Jews only? Watch this Nelson Walters YouTube video to find out. Matthew 24 Explained playlist

Prophetic End Time Warning: The Antichrist and The Two Witnesses

Urgent Message regarding The Antichrist and The Two Witnesses... The time seems to be approaching faster than many have imagined. Also, we explore a prophetic parallel link between Elisha, the bears, and The Two Witnesses.

Friday, July 3, 2020

My Friends & Family Won't Listen To Me: What Do I Do?

INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: BLOG: PATREON: To reach them directly you can email them at Please give me time to respond. Thank you greatly for watching and all of your support! May Elohim Bless You

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Prophetic Warning About The Two Witnesses: Prepare Church

The Timing of The Two Witnesses is drawing closer. This is a message The Church must receive at this vital time. For more on the Two Witnesses, see our FULL documentary here:

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

10 Reasons Matthew 24 Wasnt Fulfilled in AD 70

Matthew 24 wasn't fulfilled in AD 70. It hasn't been fulfilled yet. Despite this, a consistent minority of believers hold the view it was. This video presents 10 Biblical reasons that it wasn't and couldn't possibly have been.
Included in this video is proof that "this generation" in Matt 24:34 did not refer to the generation living at the time of Christ. Allowing scripture to interpret scripture, the text of Matthew 24 itself provides the answers in this Nelson Walters video. Matthew 24 Explained PLAYLIST

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Character of God: Exodus 34:6-7

Biblical authors often referenced and quoted their favorite parts of Scripture, and the list of God's character traits found in Exodus 34:6-7 is the most repeated and re-quoted text in the Bible. In this video we'll explore this foundational description of God's attributes that illustrates what God values and why he acts the way he does. Click here to explore more resources on the Character of God:

Monday, June 29, 2020

CAN the Antichrist be a Muslim - Wouldn't Israel Reject Him?

Can the Antichrist be a Muslim? Is it biblically possible? Wouldn't Israel reject an Islamist? What does Jesus say about the type of Antichrist Israel will accept? What does the Book of Revelation say about the reasons the world will worship the false messiah? Does this allow the possibility of the Antichrist being Islamic, Roman or American? Watch this Nelson Walters video to find out the surprising answers. The Antichrist Revealed bt Scripture Playlist

Sunday, June 28, 2020

INCREDIBLE TRUTH about ANGELS | 12 Facts you need to know

In this video, we take a look at what the bible really says about angels. What do they look like? How many are there? What types of angels are there? We take a look at some of these questions and more. 📘 FREE eBOOK & NEWSLETTER 📬 💵 DONATE 📲 SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook: Instagram: Tiktok: Linkedin: Website:

Friday, June 26, 2020

Did You Know This is Happening - Truthunedited

A New & Living Way: 7a-Concerning Gathering

Always happy to repost Bill's work on this platform! He has a rare insight that bears listening to and pondering upon.

A New & Living Way: 7a-Concerning Gathering W.D. Furioso ~ ACTpublications (2020) ~ “Concerning Gathering” - PART 1: * Introduction * Custom * The New Testament Scriptures * The New Commandment ~ to be continued ~ For a complimentary .pdf copy of this entire essay & other essays in this series, Email:

Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Rise of the Gospel of "Woke!"

A new "Woke" religion is rushing in to fill a “God-shaped hole” in secular hearts. But it is NOT the Gospel of Christ. It is "another gospel" and we as God's people have been given stern warnings of what to expect for those who preach it (Gal 1:6-10).
This is NOT to say that we should look down upon our brothers and sisters in the black community or any community for that matter. Rather, it is to warn against a doctrine that elevates one above, or diminishes another below, the other. Remember, there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus (Gal 3:28).
The Gospel of Woke is a heresy. . .

Read the article that sparked this observation (here

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Jesus Said the Great Tribulation in Matthew 24 is Cut Short - HOW?

Jesus said the Great Tribulation in Matthew 24 is cut short. Does this mean its less than 3 1/2 years long? Shorter than Time, TImes, and Half a Time? How is this possible? Isn't that a Biblical contradiction? Doesn't Dan 7:25 tell us the Great Tribulation lasts the entire second half of Daniel's 70th Week? Watch this Nelson Walters video for revolutionary understanding on this topic. Matthew 24 Explained Playlist

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Alisa Childers: "Progressive Christianity is Dangerous"

In this in-person interview, I sit down with Alisa Childers to discuss "Progressive Christianity." Is this new movement dangerous to Christianity?

If YOU DIE TODAY are you READY to MEET GOD? You need to watch this!

Stop what you are doing and ask yourself this question, "If I die today, am I ready to meet God?" If you are not sure how to answer the question, then watch the video, because it might be the most important video that you will watch in your whole life. 📘 FREE eBOOK & NEWSLETTER 📬

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Jesus Will Set Foot on Earth BEFORE the Second Coming

Will Jesus set foot on earth before the Second Coming? It sounds utterly crazy. How could that be possible? Perhaps because what we call the Second Coming ISN'T the Second Coming!! Jesus arrives on earth an entire year earlier. Is this the acceptable year of the Lord? In this Nelson Walters video, we examine four proofs that categorically prove Jesus is on earth prior to mounting his White Horse and leaving Heaven to fight Armageddon. What is the meaning of Jesus' robe dipped in blood and how is it related to this concept? How are the Days of Noah involved? And does Satan know about Armageddon prior to Jesus riding the white horse?

Saturday, June 13, 2020

What End Time Prophecy Did Jesus Command Us to Study?

What is the Specific End Time Prophecy Jesus referred his disciples to from Daniel the prophet? Almost no one knows what passage that was. This video reveals it. It is an incredible passage that details where the Antichrist comes from, the steps prior to his revealing, and describes the sign of the beginning of the final stage of the end times. It describes the actions of the Antichrist's armies and give a countdown of the end times starting with the beginning of sacrifices in the third temple. That passage is the 2300 days of Daniel 8:9-14

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Does the Bible Predict the End of the World? - BibleProject Podcast on Apocalypse

Are these the end times? Why does the Bible use language of fiery judgment? And what is the mark of the beast? In this episode, Tim and Jon answer your questions about how to read apocalyptic literature.

The Insurgence, Politics, and Church

From Frank Viola, The Deeper Journey Podcast. A must listen!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

THE 4 Specific Signs of Jesus Christ Coming || Matthew 24

What are the 4 specific signs of Jesus Christ Coming? In Matthew 24, Jesus told his disciples a number of signs, but only 4 were specific. Most of the signs of Jesus' return were general, signs of the times to let us know the "season" of his coming. But there were 4 specific signs every Christian should know. 1 Sign when the final period of the end times begins and 3 signs to be able to recognize Jesus when he comes. Watch this very important Nelson Walters video to learn these 4 signs.

Black Lives Matter and the New Religion - Conversations That Matter

Defunding the police? Ripping down history? Silence is violence? Turning a blind eye to murder, stealing, and vandalism? What makes sense of all this? This isn't merely a political movement. It's a new religion, complete with saints, holy books, rituals, priests, laws, and a salvation plan. Jon takes a look under the hood of the social justice movement to explain its fundamental problems and dangerous solutions.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Apocalypse - The Bible Project

It’s the apocalypse! But what exactly does that mean? The Bible is filled with dreams and visions about human history coming to a climax, and they’re usually packed with intense imagery and strange symbols. In this video, we’ll explore the meaning of the word “apocalypse” in the Bible, and we’ll learn some basic steps for reading this literature with more wisdom and insight.

Should the Church Speak Out on Social Justice Issues? - THE BEAT by Allen Parr

Should the church get involved in social justice? A lot of people have criticized the church for being "silent" during a time of national upheaval and extreme racial and political tension. But, should we expect the church get actively involved in matters of social justice or is it okay for the church to remain silent and conduct "business as usual?" What does the Bible say about this if anything at all?

Sunday, June 7, 2020


In this video, we continue part 2 of the bible translations. If you want to know the truth of how the bible was translated into different languages, then this is a must-watch video. 📘 FREE eBOOK & NEWSLETTER 📬

Saturday, June 6, 2020

The Truth About the Protests & Riots - Truthunedited

Things Jesus Warned AREN'T Signs of the End || Matthew 24

Everyone wants to know what the Signs of the End are. In Matthew 24, Jesus told us, but almost more importantly he told us what AREN'T the Signs of the End Times. This is crucially important if we are going to recognize the specific signs of his Second Coming and ignore things that are just warnings. So what about an Israel Peace Deal, Wars and Rumors of Wars, Famine, Disease, Earthquakes, and Conjunctions in the Constellations like the one that occurred in September 2017? Are they signs? Watch this Nelson Walters video to find out what Jesus says about them.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

A Christian Response to Racism in Society

The latest incidence of racially motivated brutality in the States is both deplorable and heartbreaking. Beyond the pain of murder that will be felt by the relatives and friends of the victim, the pain resonates outwards and further deepens the divides between people groups. These groups are divided not only by race but by ideologies – the chasm between political left and right has widened even further.

The purpose of this article is not to pick a political side. My purpose is to ask – how should Christians respond? Not only to this particular incident but what about racism in their society generally? Some Christian posts have encouraged us as Christians to “get angry” about the racial divisions we see today. They want Christians to go out and “do something” about the state of race relations today. The problem is, what exactly is the “something”?

(Keep Reading)