Friday, February 8, 2019


From Part 48 there was much debate about salvation being granted to the Gentiles. There is much confusion on this topic. The good news is that as we continue along in the Scriptures these things become clearer and more defined. Paul sets the Jews straight. We also see Peter arrested for the 3rd time.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How Communism Subverted the Church

Arguably the "Political" Right did the same thing by coopting the evangelical "Religious" Right, in the 60's and 70's through the Moral Majority movement. Both the "Religious" right and left claim to be taking the moral high ground, that they are voices for the voiceless and that they are doing the Lord's work. I would argue that cooperation with either the political right or left is counter to our mission as followers of Jesus. While it is true that we are to be salt and light to a lost and dying world, it is not our mission to create a heaven on earth. Our job is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and then let them who have ears to hear it, hear. It is Christ who builds His Church, not us! As the popular saying goes: "What do you get when you mix religion and politics? The answer is, Politics!"