Friday, December 27, 2019


Do you feel it too? Do you feel a massive change and event on the near horizon? Maybe you do and maybe you don’t, but I most certainly do. This world is simmering, and the temperature keeps steadily climbing. The rich and powerful are lining their chess pieces up and are ready to turn things up. There is political dissension everywhere. Provocations of war everywhere. Economic stress everywhere. Debt piling up like never before. Mass shootings and acts of terrorism everywhere. But are we listening? Let’s go over the potential risks of 2020. Let’s Begin!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Beyond "Born-Again"

“Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again,
he cannot see the kingdom of God… unless one is born of water
and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.”
-JOHN 3:3,5

All of us are familiar with these verses, but we are not so familiar with what they actually mean. To state it simply, being born-again is not the goal, but the first step towards the goal: the goal is the Kingdom of God. We could state it like this: the narrow gate is not the goal, but it is the first thing we must pass through in order to enter the narrow path.

Our goal, and God’s goal, is not the gate, or we would not need a path. Though we begin our journey by entering the gate, the goal is at the end of the path, not at the beginning of the path.

Source: "Embrace the Cross"  by Chip Brogden

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Real Discipleship Creates Disciple-Makers

In this video, we examine a four-step process for making disciples that seem consistent with Christ's own example. Plus we explore why today's church model is at odds with true discipleship.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Francis Chan - The Obsession of the Devoted Worshipper

We all know what it looks like to be obsessed with a celebrity or athlete but what would it look like if we were all obsessed with Jesus Christ?

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Be Careful How You Eat AFTER You FAST! (Don’t Make This Mistake!)

How we eat before and after Fasting is vitally important. Before our upcoming video on How to Fast, be sure to see this message on what not to do after your fast!

The DANGEROUS Second Beast of Revelation (WHO and WHAT is He?) - Nelson Walters

Who and what is the dangerous second beast of Revelation 13? Is he more deadly than the Antichrist? What are the meaning of his symbols, that he comes out of the land and has two horns? What does it mean that He looks like a lamb but speaks like a Dragon? Why is he dangerous? Can he be both an Israelite and a Muslim? What are the 3 main ways he makes the world worship the Antichrist?

Friday, December 6, 2019


A world government is in the making and it is currently waiting for the next crisis in order to come fully into power. But all of that can just be words that are easily ignored or debated against if these words are not being properly explained. Let's understand the One World Government.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Join The Bible Project

Indoctrinating The Masses - Jacob Prasch

This is a compressed version of the previous post with added graphics that make the message all the more powerful.

What are the signs and symptoms of indoctrination in today's society? In this video, Jacob Prasch addresses how school, media, and culture are used to perpetuate a narrative and how those things will ultimately be used to set the stage for the advent of the antichrist and false prophet as spoken of in the book of Revelation.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

The Stage is Being Set For Anti Christ Parts 1 & 2

Two interesting videos featuring Jacob Prasch on the Spiritual Battle being waged in high places and how they are manifesting in our world. A bit long and Mr. Prasch does have a tendency to rant but, this is a message that is important for the ecclesia to understand.

Part 1

Part 2

Who is Gog and Magog (and Why YOU Need to Know)

Why do you need to know who is Gog and Magog? Is it Russia, or Turkey or Europe or the USA. Is Gog a man, a demon or a country? There is so much confusion in the church about this topic. Do we determine ancient prophetic countries by means of the where they were once located or by means of where their people migrated to? These are all big questions. If you are not looking in the right location you might miss what is happening right in front of you.

Brad Stine - Hey! Wussy Christians! (Why I'm A Christian.)

Brad drives it home!

Is Jesus Enough? - Chip Brogden

“After they had eaten, Jesus asked Simon Peter,
‘Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me
more than these other things?'”
John 21:15

If Jesus was all you had, would Jesus be enough for you?

Many precious believers are in love with the things of the Lord, but they are not in love with the Lord Himself. Many Christian workers and ministers are in love with the Lord’s work. Almost without realizing it, the work of the Lord becomes more important than the Lord of the work.

There are prophets and teachers who hold words from God in higher esteem than the God Who speaks the words they attribute as being from Him. People seek these words and teachings. The more they receive, the more they want. Before one word is digested they are craving another. They are seeking “things” – words, prophecies, teachings, visions, dreams – but they are not seeking the Lord Himself.

Is Jesus enough?

When the saints gather together most of the activity is focused on “one another”. This is important, but it is not the most important thing. Fellowship is good: but is Jesus enough? Gatherings are good: but is Jesus enough? Meetings are good: but is Jesus enough? Special speakers and special music are good: but is Jesus enough?

Even with praise and worship, it is possible to sing “about” Jesus and not truly worship Jesus. With preaching and teaching it is possible to talk “about” Jesus and not truly meet Jesus in what is shared. In prayer, it is possible to talk “about” our needs and never actually commune with Jesus Himself.
Among Christians, I have discovered something. There is Jesus, and then there are all the things ABOUT Jesus that are NOT Jesus. Jesus Himself occupies only a small portion of what is said and done in Christian circles. Most of what is said and done is merely ABOUT Jesus, but it is NOT Jesus...


Saturday, November 30, 2019

How to Get Ready for Jesus' Return | The Parable of the Talents

If Jesus were to return right now, would you proud of what you have to offer Him or would you be ashamed? Is your life completely poured out and sold out to Him to where He would say to you, "Well done, good and faithful servant?" In this video, we continue our series through the parables of Jesus and discuss some key things you can do to prepare for Jesus' return.

Christ is Pre-requisite for Church

Christ is the Head of the Body, the Church. We cannot discern the Body until we first discern the Head. We cannot understand the mystery of the Church until we understand the mystery of Christ. Jesus is building His Church through revelation of Himself. As we pursue the revelation of Christ, He builds His Church.
As disciples of Christ, let us pursue REVELATION of Christ as the Head and the Foundation, having that translated into RELATIONSHIP with Christ, with a view to REFLECTION of Christ. May the Church, which is His Body, be able to say: “Look, ‘so also is Christ’”.  

“Christ is Pre-requisite for Church” 

“… holding forth he Word of Life …”,

Bill & Frances Furioso

Friday, November 29, 2019


Today there is a majority feeling that everyone worships the same God. Though we have different names for Him and worship him differently, people believe we all are worshipping the same god. The world is ready to accept a World Religion. But are we all worshipping the same God? Let's understand the One World Religion.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Word Study: Martus - "Witness" - The Bible Project

In the Bible, the word “witness” is used to describe both a person and an action—someone who sees something and then talks about what they’ve seen. Similar to today, this word is used in both legal settings and to describe an experience with God. But what’s most interesting about the word witness is how it illuminates the story of Scripture, especially the role of the people of God. In this video, we explore how this word contributes to the overarching story of the Bible.

Do Churches Disciple The Wrong Way?

Jesus had both his public ministry to the multitudes and his personal discipleship of his own disciples. His public teaching ministry looked much like Marge's teaching method (the history teacher in the video above) and his day-to-day discipleship looked more like Tom's (the guitar tutor from the same video). Today's churches try to apply this same idea of teaching large groups and tutoring smaller ones, of lecturing to the big group and listening to one another in small groups. To accommodate large group lectures, churches usually build auditoriums. To accommodate programs with smaller gatherings such as Sunday School classes and Bible studies, they often add on classrooms. Yet neither of these approaches is an accurate reflection of the early church.

More here:

Friday, November 22, 2019


In some of my most recent videos, I’ve said multiple times that many people don’t truly understand the gospel. Today because we are fast approaching the time where satan will be worshipped by the world, many believe that they are worshipping the God of Israel, our true Creator, but are actually worshipping satan a rebellious created being. So what I want to do is provide a ground floor understanding of the Bible so that it sparks a desire for many to learn more.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Prophetic Implications of Turkey's Invasion of Syria (TURKEY FULFILLING PROPHECY?) Underground #121

For one hundred years, the Kurdish people have endured betrayal, marginalization, and genocide. Divided in their own homeland across four nations, the Kurds have survived generations of war and upheaval in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran. Besides Israel, the Kurds have also proven to be the most reliable, resourceful, and effective partners against radical Islam in the Middle East. Where they can govern themselves, the Kurds have consistently modeled principles of tolerance, equality, and moderation.

How to Be FILLED With The Holy Spirit! // IT’S TIME To Seek God - AoC Network

God is leading us to seek him like never before! He desires to fill us with his Holy Spirit. Here we explore "How" to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we can honor God in all that we do! Get ready for chains to be broken and the power of God to flow through your life.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

ACT Publications


We're excited about a new development for At Christ’s Table and am sending this out just to let you know that (ACT publications) will now be easily accessible online and available for downloading for reading and printing: 

We're grateful to Helps Communications in Saint Helens, Oregon USA for offering their server, making ACTpublications accessible in .PDF format @
The writings can also be accessed via our website @ by clicking on the tab “ACTpublications” on the Home page and then, at the bottom of that page, clicking on the link

At this time, you will find on that page only “The Vineyard & The Husbandman.” This is a reformatting of ACT's most recent offering broken down into 5 parts. (Yet, these 5 parts will still coincide with the 4 recorded messages entitled "The Vineyard of the Lord” which are posted on YouTube @
ACT is working on reformatting and reposting all of ACT's writings - one at a time - to break them down into parts which will hopefully make them more convenient for you to read.  

So, check out “The Vineyard & The Husbandman” … 

* CDs for South Africans: WhatsApp Peter McGregor @ 072-645-2896

“… holding forth the Word of Life …” 

Bill & Frances Furioso

Persecution Is Coming to America || What YOU Need to do (Today)

Every Christian senses persecution is coming to America. But what YOU need to do about it is not as obvious. What will be the source of the persecution? And will you be able to avoid it? How soon might the persecution in western nations begin?

Friday, November 15, 2019


Are you a fan or follower of Jesus? This is an important question that I want to raise to you today. It’s something that I don’t believe many think about very often or are really honest with themselves in regards to the answer. But it’s something that I believe is very serious and requires serious consideration and attention. This is something that we all need to hear and deal with, so I want to discuss this with you in hopes that more people become followers more than merely just a fan.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

When Michael Fights Lucifer in Heaven (What Happens on Earth?)

Michael fights Lucifer in a spiritual war in heaven. But what happens on earth at that time? Is Satan crazy? What tricks does he have up his sleeve that makes him think he can beat God? When does this war take place, in the past, present or future? When did Satan fall like lightning in the past or future? What is the impact on earth when Satan is kicked out of heaven?

Monday, November 11, 2019

How to Read the Gospel - The Bible Project

The New Testament contains four ancient biographies of Jesus of Nazareth, and altogether they are called “the Gospel.” Each one tells the story as an announcement of good news that the crucified and risen Jesus is the true ruler of the nations. In this video, we explore why these accounts were written and how you can read them with greater insight.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

To Be With Him

To Be With Him

“He appointed twelve, that they might be with Him…”
-MARK 3:14

The first order of business was not the preaching or the sending forth; it was simply being with Jesus. During those times of being alone and with Christ, He revealed Himself to them in a deep way. They walked with Him, watched Him, and listened to Him for three and a half years. Just as importantly, they learned to walk with each other. They learned how to serve one another in love. When Jesus finally did send them forth to preach they actually had something worth sharing and worth listening to.

Your primary calling as a disciple is to BE with Jesus because that is how you LEARN OF HIM. It is not learning about the Christian faith – that is a thing. It is not learning about Bible doctrine – that is a thing. It is not learning about Christian things or religious things or spiritual things. It is not learning about the Bible. It’s not even learning ABOUT Jesus, it is learning OF Jesus FROM Jesus.

Source: "The Church in the Wilderness"  by Chip Brogden

Friday, November 8, 2019

Kanye & Christ: an interesting analysis - Truthunedited

From Truthunedited: I’ve spent a few hours watching Kanye’s interviews, watching the man they call “Kanye’s Pastor” give a radio interview, and then I read the lyrics to his album. After reviewing all of these things, I think I have a very good understanding of what this situation is now, and I would like to share some thoughts to provide more needed clarity.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Who Controls the World? (The Divine Council)

Who controls the world? Are they the Divine Council in the Bible found in numerous chapters like Psalm 82? According to Deuteronomy, God assigned each nation to the Sons of God. Do these fallen angels or Elohim still control them? Do they control western nations like the United States, Great Britain, and Australia? What is God's plan to restore the dominion of the nations and the earth to his people? This is part of a longer series on Revelation Click on the link to watch the whole series:

Saturday, November 2, 2019


Judging. This word when used in the church is often misused and misunderstood. Today people feel that Christians are not to judge. Not to have an opinion on things. But is that biblical? This video will discuss Christians and Judging.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Bible Prophecy Update (The Death of al-Baghdadi)

The death of al-Baghdadi, the Caliph of ISIS requires a Bible Prophecy Update. Is this event another piece in the biblical puzzle - or just a dead end? Do the names of the Islamic State have biblical significance? Does the name Daesh link to Dan 7:7? Were there ties between Turkey and the Islamic State? Is that why Baghdadi was hiding so close to their border and why Trump warned them. What is the great prophetic significance of al-Baghdadi's death?

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Early Church Thrived Amid Secularism and Shows How We Can, Too

Excerpt from the article:

As long as Christians assume we are still living in Christendom, the church will continue to decline in the West, no matter how ferociously Christians fight to maintain power and privilege. If anything, the harder Christians fight, the more precipitous the decline will be, for cultural power and privilege will come at an increasingly high price. Christians will either accommodate until the faith becomes almost unrecognizable, or they will isolate until their faith becomes virtually invisible.
Nothing short of a change of church culture will suffice—from a culture of entertainment, politics, personality, and program to a culture of discipleship. Such a radical change will require patience, steadiness, and purposefulness.
The good news is, we are not alone, and the story of early Christianity reminds us of this fact. Faithful Christians have gone before us, bearing witness to the truth of Christianity, the power of the gospel, and the high calling of discipleship. Calling out across the centuries, they tell us that it is possible now, as it was then, to live as faithful followers of Jesus the Lord in a culture that does not approve of it or reward it.
Two millennia ago, Jesus Christ—his incarnation, life, death, resurrection, and ascension—set in motion a movement that turned the world upside down. He is the same Lord today. It can happen again.
I highly recommend this relatively short article, you can read it in its entirety here: (LINK)

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Bible Prophecy Happening Right Now in the Middle East? - Nelson Walters

Is Bible Prophecy happening right now in the Middle East? When most see the recent actions of Iran and Turkey they think the Middle East is falling apart. But is it actually falling into line with what the Bible has predicted right from the start? Has the prophecy in Daniel 8 started to be fulfilled? What are the implications for the near future of the Middle East?

Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Ruins of Sodom Discovered || They Prove the Bible Correct

Do the Ruins of Sodom reveal the Days of Lot and what they were like? Were they even more evil than expected? Do the Ruins prove the Biblical account is true? Watch and see actual remaining ruins of the cities of the plain!

Through the Bible Series - Chip Brogden

Over the last 20 years, I've been doing these chapter-by-chapter studies of the Bible.

This year I will have completed teaching the entire New Testament.

And I wanted to give these messages the widest possible distribution so we can reach more people with a Christ-centered message.

To do that, I put all these teachings (283 episodes and more than 323 hours of recordings) into a free podcast called "Thru the Bible with Chip Brogden."

The good news is that the podcast is now available worldwide on any devices via iTunes, iHeart Radio, Spotify, YouTube, Spreaker, Google Play, Castbox, Deezer, and Podcast Addict.

So you can SUBSCRIBE to the podcast at any of those places where you listen to podcasts.

OR, you can visit my site and listen, download, and share them from here: 

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Enter the Kingdom - Chip Brogden

We live in a day of "easy-believism." According to the way today’s church operates, it is very easy to be saved. All we have to do is make a confession, or repeat a prayer, or make a decision, or respond to an altar call.  
In stark contrast to the conditions which exist in our day, Jesus frankly tells us that few will be saved, and few will find Life. When we read what Jesus Himself has to say we have to come to the conclusion that some within Organized Religion are guilty of trying to make the narrow gate and the narrow path into the wide gate and the wide path. We have become excellent salespeople and know how to use our powers of persuasion. We have become good at arguing our viewpoints. We are skilled at manipulating the emotions of other people. Those who know how can lead many people to the Lord – at least, according to the outward appearance.

It behooves us to go back to what the Lord Himself says, and we believe we have found at least seven occurrences in the Scriptures (beyond the two cited above) which seem to indicate that the way to Life is anything but easy. By the time we are concluded with our examination, we will understand why Jesus says few are able to enter into the Kingdom. In the first place, the Kingdom is more profound than we have been taught. In the second place, the Way which leads us into the Kingdom is more narrow than we have been taught. By the grace of God let us ask the Lord enlighten us so that we will not go on deceiving or being deceived...

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Virtue Signaling - My Two ¥en Worth

I saw the below photo and the commentary (which I took the liberty to edit) posted on Social media and just had a thought on which I’d like to comment:

There are far too many people today who like to don diaper pins, colored ribbons, gather in groups to carry signs and placards, or slap a bumper sticker on their cars to demonstrate for all who see how "woke" they are and how much they care about others. In addition to this, they are also very quick to shout down any and all others who don't immediately jump on their bandwagon. Key Point: These days there are too many people who like to "virtue-signal" a whole myriad of "issues" but very few of them, if any, actually do something about it! But, if they really gave a $#!+ (here's a hint, they don't) about these people they claim to care so much about, rather than beat their chests and wail about the injustice for all to see, maybe we'd all be better off, to include the person they claim to love and care so much for, if they simply and quietly did what they could in the here and now, no matter how small! (Matthew 6:1-3 & James 1:27) 

My Two ¥en worth. . .

"Imagine this you are sitting on the side of the road and everything you own can fit in a backpack. It’s 42 degrees outside you’re lonely and hungry. You put your head down to try and forget the scream of hunger echoing in your mind. Then you hear the sound of an engine stop. You look up to see a uniformed officer walking towards you. Your mind flutters thinking of everything you might be doing wrong. Suddenly this officer sits down pulls out his lunch and not only takes away your hunger but your loneliness too."